VGA-RGB Adapter

VGA-RGB Adapter
Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: tvONE

VGA to RGB Video Converter

Inputs VGA-HD15
Outputs RGB-BNC
Status Active

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Cable Length 1ft (30cm)


VGA-RGB Converter

The Magenta Research VGA to RGB Video Converter converts a VGA separate sync RGBHV video signal into an RGB sync on green video signal. Perfect for use in a tri-coaxial environment to save on cabling costs with video switches, the VGA to RGB converter can also be used to interface to RGB input display devices. 

The VGA to RGB converter feaures a standard 15HD input connector and BNC coaxial connectors on the ouput. No switches to set, adjustments to tweak or power supply required - just plug it in and go. Measuring only 2.9" x 2.13" x 0.65", the VGA to RGB converter is small and compact.