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Visiting a casino is no longer just about gambling as today’s guests expect to be entertained throughout their entire visit, including the use of high-end, innovative video for truly unforgettable experiences. High rollers also demand this engagement in every area of their day-to-day lives, and casino owners who fail to keep up with their expectations risk falling further behind and losing those important, big spenders.

Clear communication with your patients, visitors and the wider healthcare community is increasingly essential when providing high performing healthcare services to elevate your patient experience. Influence the services that you offer, patient behavior, and direct visitors with wayfinding information. Provide healthcare advice, and proactively inform visitors about wait times in addition to building your brand and opening new revenue streams.

 © Electric Forest Whether an electronic music festival, movie premiere or a corporate party, one thing is certain, no two live events are the same. However, by demanding high video performance, with flexible and seamless on the fly control for real-time changes, you will never fail to deliver.

Connecting healthcare professionals with pixel perfect performance Video processors are used in a wide range of clinical healthcare environments including operating rooms, diagnostic areas for clinical monitoring, and teaching facilities. Whether the processor is being used for simultaneously displaying multiple sources or for managing complex signal management, reliability is key. Additionally, any visual equipment must work at ultra-low latencies and with perfect color rendition while always functioning perfectly, as any downtime or other technical issues will have a real-time impact on human life.

 © KHON in Hawaii  Optimize your rack space for easy servicing and cable management At first glance, technical setups in TV and broadcast installations appear to revolve around “big ticket” gear which will normally mount in standard 19” racks, but there is also a host of other smaller devices in the mix including signage players, signal extension, and distribution amplifiers. When discussing the challenges of integrating these small, DC powered devices to either the system integrator or the in-house broadcast engineer, they will tell you about the considerable time, effort, and money they spend to install and service them. They will also mention how finding a space-saving, clean, and efficient solution for this range of equipment would solve so many headaches.