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Superior video extension

Step up to our leading range of reliable and robust video extension solutions, and deploy digital video extenders with simplicity and long-term confidence. Choose from our range of cost effective, ultra-high performance and flexible extenders whatever your source or extension method. Backed up by the finest engineering and support in the industry, tvONE enables your systems flawlessly.

  • Real Distance
  • Cabling Options
  • Rich Functionality
  • Multiple Topologies

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Real Distance

We offer the widest reach, from 197 feet (60 meters) to over 18 miles (20 kilometers).

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Reliable Performance

All our solutions are fully tested in real-world environments, guaranteeing system performance no matter the emissions and interference from other video signals, power or air conditioning.

Robust Design

Robust Design

We only offer high-performance equipment designed and tested to back up the industry’s most reliable extenders even when used 24/7 in harsh environments.

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Video over IP

Networked video is expanding in this generation of Audio Visual designs, and it provides substantial benefits for small and medium sized businesses that need either a local or global reach.

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Avoid signal loss or image degradation, even at distances as far as 30 kilometers. Fiber is ideal for system security, so it is ideal for corporate, government and medical installs.

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Hook into ever-present CAT cables to run signals up to 1200 feet with robust, guaranteed performance, regardless of emissions and interference.

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We’ve got your HDMI requirements covered – choose between solutions for HD or 4K HDR video.

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We support 7.1 audio in all the popular surround sound standards as well as stereo audio.

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IR Control

Bi-direction Infrared control means you can control your source or display wherever you are.

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RS-232 Control

Control remote devices and receive instant feedback even over complex topologies.

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Power over HDBaseT

Simplify power runs by sending power along with your other signals.

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Easily send network connectivity to remote devices such as smart, internet enabled displays.

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Point-to-point & Point-to-multi-point

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Daisy Chain

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GH HippotizerMediaServers Banner

  • Switch to grid layout
  • Switch to table layout
SKU: 222R3001-16x16

UTP video matrix system, 16x16 to 256x512.

SKU: 221R1029-01

1x9 UTP Distribution Amplifier for MultiView extenders.

SKU: 2211036-02

Extend Line level Stereo Audio signals over Category 5/5e/6 cable up to 2000 feet.